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Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:02 pm by Kori

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Our Story

Long ago there was a tribe of seven foxes, each one holding a special power.
Kazetsune of wind.
Aisutsune of ice.
Kasaitsune of fire.
Kamanaritsune of thunder.
Chikyutsune of earth.
And Mizutsune of water.

Their tribe was a peaceful one, expecially the leader of light, Hikaritsune. They lived peacefully, until a very jealous fox by the name of Kuraitsune, the fox of darkness, ransacked their home and caused a conflict between all of them. After that, the seven foxes had split up to make their own tribes. Hikaritsune was enraged that Kuraitsune could do such a thing and they began a battle of light and dark.

However, both of them didn't manage to survive.

Hikaritsune's soul flew up into the sky and became the god of light, which all foxes go to after they die.
Kuraitsune's soul flew under the ground, which only the evilest of souls go to.

The other six foxes eventually passed as well and each of their tribes still live on today.

The foxes that live in the tribes have inherited each of their powers and are able to bend nature as they wish. This is their land.
How To Roleplay at Kitsuneiku

Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:02 pm by Kori

For those of you who may be confused about how to roleplay here, here is a little guide.

To start, Kitsuneiku is a fantasy fox roleplay. Your characters can posess magical traits and powers to do with the elements.

 (For example, a fox born in the WindTribe may posess wings. A fox born in the FireTribe may have the power to conjur fire out of nowhere.) 

Also, your fox character can look …

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Forum Rules

Wed Apr 22, 2015 10:17 pm by Kori

Forum Rules

1. No flaming or insulting others. 

Don't flame or insult players. Respect eachother and treat eachother the way you would like to be treated. If they do it to you then just click on the "Report" button and a moderator will review over the post. It's useless and causes problems & conflicts between one another. 

This includes: 

Racism - hatred …

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Rules Of Roleplay

Wed Apr 22, 2015 9:22 pm by Kori

Common Rules Of Roleplay

Rules from here

1. Do Not God-mode
Godmodding is when a character features god-like abilities, such as invincibility or mind control, or other unrealistic powers that don't fit with lore. It's also considered godmodding to refuse death in fights or ignore role-players in scenarios in which said role-players are attempting to attack you. Nobody's good at everything; try …

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