Some Useful Ways To Get Graphics

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Some Useful Ways To Get Graphics

Post by Kori on Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:37 pm

Can't choose a way you want your fox to look like? Or do you just not have a picture for your application?
Here are some games and dollmakers that you can create your own fox. 

Though it's kind of a cute-like style, this game has a lot of customization options. 
If you refresh it every other minute (you really have to wait a minute each time) or so, you will gain 'achievements' and unlock more options. It will save your picture (after pressing save) to a transparent png file that you can put over backrounds.

Thouh not as much customization options as Twai's, there is lots of cute colours and such if you want a more realistic-looking fox charcter. It even has little hair options! 

3. Sidgi's Fox Creator (make sure to press fox!)
A lot of really cool fur colour options! 

4. Kaylink's Fox Maker
A cute fox maker with a bunch of colour options!

That's all I've got! Feel free to reply to this post with more if you have any. And always, when you screenshot/save the photo when you're finished, please provide some kind of credit when put into your application, etc. At least the creator of the game's name, or even a link to the creator.

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