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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Kori on Wed Apr 22, 2015 10:42 pm

What kind of roleplay is this?
Kitsuneiku (Japanese: Kitsune=Fox, Iku=Go) is a fantasy fox roleplay that allows characters to create fox characters that can join tribes that do with the elements. Foxes of each different tribe posses the magic elemental powers that he tribe holds. 

How do I join? 
First, register for the board! Think of a character(s) you would like to make, and then apply for whichever tribe you feel like! There will be specific threads in each tribe forum that will tell you how.

How do I edit my profile?
Yo can edit your profile by pressing "Profile" at the top of the site. 

How do a become leader/deputy of a tribe?
If a leader or a deputy steps down (or dies, sorry leaders and deputies, you can't run from it), then you may privately ask (with the private message feature) the current leader if you are allowed to apply for it. If they accept it, then you are free to become leader or deputy of a pack. Then, a roleplayed ceremony must be presented. Though usually, when a leader dies, the deputy becomes the next leader. If the deputy isn't interested in becoming the leader, then someone else may apply. 

What happens if my character dies?
If a character of yours dies, then you may either continue playing as another character of yours, or create a new one. Though the new character will have to be applied for  in an application over again. Characters that go into battle can and possibly die if they are killed either by another player's fox, or die from their wounds. It's your choice to make them die or survive from illness and wounds, however if they are killed, they can not be revived. We might add more of a heaven-like scenario in Kitsuneiku in the future, and if we do so, we'll allow you to play as your deceased fox once more.

Can I become an mod?
If you have experience with forum modding, then you can go ahead and private message an admin if you would like to become a moderator. Moderators help and organize the forum, and some are even assigned to certain categories. If you become deputy of a pack, you will probably be asked to become a mod as well. However, if you want to become an admin, that is a special role that helps update the site, keep it organized, and provides maintenance work. If you want to become an admin and have experience with creating websites and forums, please feel free to ask because we need all the help we can get.
 If you abuse your moderator/admin powers, then you will be de-ranked immediately. 

Can we be affiliates?
Affiliates are other websites and roleplays we support and help out. If you have an affiliate banner, then we can display it on the front page for all our members to see with a link to your site! If you're interested, please post it in the correct thread!

If you have other questions for us, don't be afraid to either reply to this thread or send a private message to a mod or admin! Thank you!

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