How To Roleplay at Kitsuneiku

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How To Roleplay at Kitsuneiku

Post by Kori on Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:02 pm

For those of you who may be confused about how to roleplay here, here is a little guide.

To start, Kitsuneiku is a fantasy fox roleplay. Your characters can posess magical traits and powers to do with the elements.
 (For example, a fox born in the WindTribe may posess wings. A fox born in the FireTribe may have the power to conjur fire out of nowhere.) 

Also, your fox character can look anyway you want.
They can have abnormal physical traits including odd-coloured fur, or for example a tail made of fire (if belonging to the fire tribe, for instance.) They can have any trait you can think of, and are even able to wear jewlery that has to do with their tribe.
If you aren't into that, then that's fine. They can look like a normal fox breed as well.

To join a tribe, you must apply for it. In each tribe board, there is a thread titled "Character Applications." There will be information in it on how to apply and once you have been approved by a moderator or administrator, then you can start to roleplay. 
You may have noticed that there is different areas. All foxes can roleplay in the three areas that are not the specific tribe boards. Those boards are for members of that tribe only, however others may visit or interact with other tribes by roleplaying just in the Area Board. (Like "Southern Lands" or "Northern Lands.") Users are able to create threads in those. 

You may have more than one character, and your characters can be apart of any tribe as long as you make an application for them in it. There is no limit to how many characters you may have, but if you feel like you can't keep them all, then you can 'put them up for adoption'.Also, you may create characters that are not apart of any tribe, though they cannot be roleplayed in a tribe area, and only a land area since that would be tresspassing. Foxes from different tribes cannot enter other tribes without a reason or else it would be tresspassing. 

This is a semi-literate roleplay, so you must write full sentances without use of * or - to indicate actions. You can also write as much as you like as long as they are proper senatances. The bigger the post the better! 

The areas and lands are only made for roleplay, and general discussion that is not IC (In Character) must be put in the General Discussion forum. 

And that's it! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or reply to this thread.

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