List of Tribe Ranks

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List of Tribe Ranks

Post by Kori on Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:22 pm

A baby fox. Playful and curious to the new world, they stay with their mothers or caretakers in the camp mostly. Most are under the age of 2 months.

An adolescent kit older than 2 months that is training to provide and help the clan. They can train to be a hunter or a healer. However, pups older than 2 months don't have to become apprentices, and they can just remain as a general tribemate. 

A fox that generally is just part of the pack and has no particular job. They may hunt from time to time, but they do not go on hunting expeditions like trained hunters do.

A pregnant fox or a fox that is nursing a litter of kits. They don't usually leave camp and are quite pampered inside their dens. A queen can also stay in the nursery den to help other mothers with pups.

An older, retired fox of any rank who is too old or not in a sustainable state to do any important jobs. They have their own den and can be very wise with their vast knowledge. 

A hunter can be both a warrior and a hunter, though they usually stick to just hunting and going out on hunting trips with the other hunters. However, a warrior can also be able to hunt but they mostly can be viewed as on-guard tribemates that protect the tribe.

A fox with the knowledge of healing. They are able to use herbs and medicines as well as their powers to help the injured or sick. 

The second-in-command to the leader of the tribe. They usually stay by and help the leader with problems and tasks that they might have to do. Though, a deputy can go out as a hunter or a warrior as well. 

The leader of the pack. A very well-respected fox that is not talked-down to and has high status. 

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